Veteran’s Emergency Loan for Books

The Veteran’s Emergency Loan for Books Fund was established in 2010 by Jim Shannon, an Adjunct Professor of Information Technology at the College. Many donors have since supported this fund, including AMVETS and private citizens. These funds are an interest free loan; therefore, the recipient is expected to pay back the loan after the financial hardship has passed so funds are available to assist other Veterans.

The fund allows students who are Veterans to apply for monies to address exceptional financial hardship that could affect their ability to purchase textbooks for their classes. Examples of emergency situations include, but are not limited to: delay in Veteran’s benefits, house fire, unanticipated medical issues, homelessness, unanticipated marital separation, change in income, and/or job loss.

Students may apply for funds once per academic year. Applications are reviewed throughout the year; therefore, there is no deadline for applying. Funds may only be used to purchase required textbooks for a current class. Funds will not be issued to students. Instead, an account will be established at the College Bookstore to allow the student to purchase the textbooks.

To apply for monies from this fund, students must:

  • be a Veteran, Active Reservist or Guardsmen
  • have at least a 2.0 cumulative GPA
  • be enrolled during the current semester for three (3) or more credit hours

In addition:

  • Funds will be awarded based upon the availability of funds and the appropriateness of the request.
  • The students are required to submit a thank you letter. No funds will be issued without the thank you letter. If the letter is not received by the given deadline, the loan will be forfeited.
  • The account will be established at the College Bookstore within ten (10) business days after the student’s thank you letter is received.
  • A proper identification, such as student ID or driver’s license, is required to access the College Bookstore account. The loan cannot be used for other students. Only the person who applied for and was awarded the funds is eligible to use them.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Provide an explanation of your exceptional need/circumstances and why these funds are needed.
  2. Please list each textbook and/or lab voucher that you are seeking assistance with.
  3. Are you currently enrolled in any classes at the Fauquier campus?
  4. Are you an eligible Veteran, Active Reservist or Guardsmen?
  5. Employer Name & Position
  6. Monthly Income
  7. Expenses
  8. Who are your instructors this semester?
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