Laurel Ridge Emergency Assistance Funds

The Emergency Assistance Funds are designed to address financial hardship faced by students caused by recent unexpected life events that could affect their continuing education. Examples of emergency situations are house fire, unanticipated medical issues, homelessness, unanticipated marital separation, and/or job loss.

To be eligible for emergency funds, you must have:

  • earned a 2.0 cumulative GPA
  • be enrolled in at least 6 or more credit hours currently
  • Preference: students who have successfully completed a semester

Students applying for Emergency Assistance Funds understand that:

  • their financial aid accounts will be reviewed with the Foundation before a determination can be made
  • funds are generally not used for tuition, professional development courses, or other school-imposed
  • fees; however, exceptions can sometimes be made.
  • funds will not be issued to students. Instead, the funds will be issued directly to the vendor.
  • applications are reviewed throughout the year; therefore there is no deadline for applying
  • dual-enrolled high school students are not eligible to receive these funds
  • emergency funding is only available to one student per family
  • emergency funds cannot be transferred to other students. Only the person who applied for and was awarded the funds is eligible to use them.

If awarded, please note:

  • Awards will be made based on the availability of funds and appropriateness of the request.
  • Applicants will be notified via email of the decision and will be given the steps to accept the funds, if approved.
  • Students are required to submit a “thank you letter” to the Foundation. No funds will be issued without the “thank you letter,” if “letter” is not submitted by the deadline, the scholarship will be forfeited.
  • Funds will be issued directly to the vendor within 10 business days after the student’s “thank you letter” is received and approved.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Provide an explanation of your exceptional need/circumstances and why this assistance is needed.
  2. Please describe the expense(s) that you are seeking emergency assistance for.
  3. Are you an eligible Veteran, Active Reservist or Guardsmen?
  4. Are you in the Great Expectations program?
  5. Are you recieving SNAP Benefits?
  6. Employer Name & Position
  7. Monthly Income
  8. Expenses
  9. Vendor Name
  10. Vendor Account Number
  11. Vendor Address
  12. Vendor Phone Number
  13. Upload invoice/bill from the Vendor.
  14. Who are your instructors this semester?
  15. Who is your Academic Advisor?
  16. Are you in the TRIO program?
  17. By submitting my application, I certify that: 1) the information on this application is complete, true and correct and 2) I am in need of this funding to continue my education at Laurel Ridge Community College. I understand that if I provide inaccurate information, I may be required to repay the money and may not be awarded Foundation scholarships in the future. I understand I must notify the Financial Aid Office if I drop or audit any classes during the semester which I apply.
  18. Upon submission of my application and the required verification, the Foundation will contact you to schedule a meeting. Please provide best number to contact you at below.
  19. How did you hear about the emergency assistance application?
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